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Experience can be bad and good…

In churches today, what a person experiences is being equated with scripture.  The emotions we feel are very real, and can make our experiences seem more “real” than truth we know and read from God’s Holy word.  A person doesn’t need to have an emotional buzz to worship.  Emotion can actually get in the way of worship.  Jesus told us that His Father is seeking people to worship Him in spirit and truth.  Our feelings didn’t make His list of requirements. When we sense His presence, that is a bonus, not our focus.

On another note about experience – I read an article in a Music Journal where the author deflects arguments about classical music being more complex, and at a higher level than popular music.  The author claims that experiencing music, any music is the aim of music education.  The message of the article  is that the domination of music education by Western art music must be pried loose and pop music education injected into music education.  The experience of a student with music is more important than learning the form and performance of great music.

Satan wants to keep God from receiving glory.  Great music glorifies Him – whether it is sacred or not, because God created music.  If he can keep people from studying great music, even in schools, he can try to keep God from being glorified by the wonderful creation of music.

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