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Confident and Productive Rehearsals – Part 2 – Have a Plan

Have a Plan A large portion of confidence when leading a rehearsal is knowing what you need to accomplish, and having techniques prepared to help you get there (covered throughout the blog series). Orchestra seating/set-up A vital principle should be utilized in orchestra set-up. Louder/lower instruments should be in back, and softer/higher instruments in front. […]

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Confident and Productive Rehearsals – Part 1 – Why They Matter

Whatever else we do as church musicians, directors must know how to solve musical problems during rehearsals and help get our players ready for service music every 7 days or so. Over a series of several blogs, We will unpack the subject of leading rehearsals and deal with it in detail. Confident and Productive Rehearsals […]

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Intonation – How and Why to Tune Your Players – Musicians institute

Intonation – How and Why to Tune Your  Players If you had 50 pianos (but why would you?) and you tune one, then the next one to the first one and continue that process, you will have many out of tune instruments as the process continues.  The solution to the need for instruments to be […]

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