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Warm Ups For Your Instrumental Group – Part 2 – How? – Musicians Institute

May 2017 WARM-UPS FOR YOUR INSTRUMENTAL GROUP – PART 2 – HOW? Jeff Cranfill Using short pieces, exercises or scales is ideal for beginning a rehearsal. Before the demands of many orchestra pieces, these warm ups give the orchestra an opportunity to focus on these aspects of performance. They help set the course for how […]

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Warm-ups For Your Instrumental Group – Part 1 – Why? – Musicians Institute

April 2017 WARM-UPS FOR YOUR INSTRUMENTAL GROUP – PART 1 – WHY? Jeff Cranfill How does your usual day begin – I mean what are the first things you do? Perhaps it goes something like this – you open your eyes, jump to your feet and run 5 miles. As difficult, harmful, and crazy as […]

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Orchestras In Church Ministry Today – Musicians Institute

ORCHESTRAS IN CHURCH MINISTRY TODAY Jeff Cranfill From time to time I get involved in conversations about orchestras playing in worship services. Musical instruments are included as part of the worship services in many churches in many parts of the world, as they have been for decades. There are some people in these conversations who […]

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