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Looking and Planning Ahead – Musicians Institute

Looking and Planning Ahead

God is merciful in what He does not disclose concerning our future. If the news is good, our imaginations run wild and the event is a letdown. If the news is bad we battle a sense of dread.

Though we do not know what awaits in the coming year, we do know that there are biblical principles that God has set in place.  Following those will bring blessing and usefulness to the Lord in His will and purposes.

Do not be deceived: God is not mocked, for whatever one sows, that will he also reap. Galatians 6:7

Obedience , diligence, faithfulness sown in our habits will bring forth fruit – growth, blessings, rewards in heaven and multitudes more.

Setting goals can be good – all subject to the Lord’s revision, of course.  The greatest of these would be to glorify God and be right with Him in our daily walk.  We hear from the Lord and learn of Him from His word.  He promises to work in response to prayers of righteous people (James 5:16).

Considering your music ministry in the coming year, this is where goals can really be of benefit. There are several more posts in the Musicians Institute that have detailed ideas on many subject in our ministries.

Subjects for goals can include:

Salvation of our people – presenting the plan of salvation often, and in varied ways.

Attendance at rehearsals and services – teaching the importance.

Skillful playing/singing  – leading effective and efficient rehearsals.

Recruiting – seeking the Lord to bring player and singers, and using different methods to let people know what the ministry includes and what the needs are.

Organization and administration – making the most of our resources – time, people, money, opportunities to play/sing.

Since God is the provider and the receiver of our ministry, it makes sense to get His direction for said ministry. Pray, plan, work, and see God work.

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